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Ruta graveolens – Rue


Rue, herb-of-grace

An aromatic and drought tolerant shrubby perennial with gorgeous ferny blue green foliage and small clusters of yellow flowers.

  • 1 liter pot

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Common names: Rue, herb-of-grace.

Rue is an aromatic shrubby perennial with very attractive upright blue green ferny foliage. It is native to Greece, Turkey, and Italy. Rue can be a deterrent for both cats and flies. Plants grow best with full sun and sharp drainage. They are very drought tolerant and prefer low humidity.

Rue produces clusters of small yellow flowers which are very attractive to pollinators. Flowering is during the summer months.

  • 60 – 80  x 60 cm
  • Full sun
  • Sharp drainage
  • Drought tolerant
  • 1 liter pot