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Garden Planning Consultation

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On-Site Consultations

Hello! I’m Louise, the owner of Bee Haven Gardens and I offer a landscape planting advice and design service. I have extensive knowledge and experience of soil and climate conditions around Hawke’s bay from more than 15 years of running a garden business in the area. I also have a Permaculture design certificate.

My particular interest and skill set is in designing landscapes that are sustainable and useful including edible gardens and plantings which provide habitat for bees, insects, and birds. I believe in choosing the right plants for the right place.


A site consultation costs $110.00 within 20km of Ongaonga. Other areas outside of that range will have mileage included in the price.

This includes a minimum 2 hour on site walk and talk consultation. You will also receive an email summary of that consultation. The detail of which will depend very much on the scale of the project. We recommend phoning us to discuss what you need, to see if what we offer will suit you. Additional detailed planting plans depend on the size and site requirements.

You can book this service online and once I receive your order, we will schedule a time to meet.

I can provide higher level detailed landscape designs and planting plans with follow up visits, plant selection (including obtaining plants from other nurseries if necessary) with cost to be negotiated and based on a charge out rate of $55.00 an hour plus travel.

Should have any questions, just contact me