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We have a large range of plants perfectly suited for dry climates especially Hawke’s Bay, including trees, shrubs, perennials and edibles.

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We can come on-site to assess your garden or lifestyle block and suggest plants which suit your needs. 

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Read our blog and find out what we’re doing in the garden, cooking in the kitchen & what’s new at the nursery.

Welcome to Bee Haven!


We can freight plants directly to your door. If you live locally you can order online and receive a 20% discount if you arrange to pick up your order.

Following my passion for collecting and growing a wide range of plants, it seemed a natural choice to grow plants for sale, after all what else was I going to do with the plants I had run out of room for.

Planting the right plants in the right place ensures the greatest success and I can help guide you depending on your own conditions. Every place in New Zealand is different and with several decades of growing in Hawke’s Bay, I can offer sound advice on what will thrive at your place. With knowledge and skills in Permaculture design, we can also help plan gardens that provide for shelter, food for wildlife and your family.

You are welcome to make an appointment to talk with us and check out our range of healthy Hawke’s Bay grown trees, shrubs and perennials, including plants for bees  food plants for you and plants to make you feel good.


We're hands on and understand growing conditions where plants will thrive. Most of our plants are grown from cuttings and seed sourced from our own garden or around Hawke's Bay.


We love pollinators and even have our own beehives. We can guide you on Bee, Butterfly and Bird friendly choices.


We offer landscape planning and design in case you need help deciding how to make the most of your space.

Online Plant Ordering

Our shop is open

We’ve expanded our selection and ship Nationwide! 

Check out our gallery, to see what is happening in the garden. Even better come for a visit and we can show you around while answering any questions you might have. You might even get a glimpse of our cute frog in the greenhouse!

We know you grow things in your garden for the pleasure it brings you and the health benefits, too! We all enjoy nature’s bounty and including them in our everyday meals. We’ve come up with some creative cooking ideas which incorporate the plants and vegetables you worked so hard to grow.

Once a year, we grow-to-order our delicious Heirloom tomatoes. It brings us great pleasure to share our homegrown, delicious varieties with you. We love these for their flavour, thin skins and hardiness. They thrive outdoors and can be planted out after the last frost. Many to choose from to suit your personal taste!

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The nursery changes with the seasons. Here’s what’s going on now.