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What Are PB Sizes

Our plants are raised in different sized pint bags (PB), so we often refer to the size by saying PB3 or PB6. However, not everyone knows exactly what that means, so we’ll explain the sizes and what they look like.


Above we see most of the sizes that Bee Haven Gardens carries. From left to right, we have:

  • 9cm pot
  • PB2
  • PB5
  • PB6.5
  • PB8
  • PB28

PB refers to a pint size, so a PB8 hold 8 pints of volume and 8 pints is about 3.78 litres. The bulk of our shrubs and perennials (as well as our Heirloom tomatoes) are sold in pb2 which hold 1.2 litres of potting mix. Our large trees are in pb28 which is 16.8 litres of potting mix.