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Knautia macedonica ‘Red Cherries’


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Macedonian scabious, Field scabious

Knautia Red Cherries flowers continuously for months with their gorgeous deep red blooms on wiry upright stems to 90 cm. Very hardy and easy care. great for bees and butterflies. Useful cut flower.

  • 9 cm pot

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Common names: Macedonian scabious, Field scabious

Knautia are a genus of easy care long flowering perennials. They all have scabious like flowers hence the common names. Though the true scabiosa are in fact a different genus.

Knautia flowers are very long lasting usually flowering continuously from mid spring, through summer, and into early Autumn. The flowers are held above the leaves on wiry upright stems to about 90 cm. They make great cut flowers. Pollinators such as bees and butterflies love them.

K.macedonica ‘Red Cherries’ has gorgeous deep red / burgundy coloured flowers. It is a very useful filler plant in the perennial border. Plants will self-seed readily.

  • 90 cm
  • Full sun
  • Hardy 
  • Great cut flower
  • 9 cm pot