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Melaleuca styphelioides – Prickly paperbark


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 Prickly paperbark

A spongy peeling bark, prickly leaves and gorgeous creamy white bottlebrush type flowers. A valuable source of nectar for bees and birds. Ht: 20 meters.

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Common name: Prickly paperbark.

The paperbarks are a genus of nearly 300 species in the myrtle family. Most are endemic to Australia. Many are grown all around the world for their decorative peeling barks and colourful flower spikes on which hundreds of long-stamened flowers are arranged in the form of a bottlebrush. All species are important nectar sources for insects, birds and mammals. in NZ they are a valuable nectar source for bees, Tūī, bellbird (korimako), and silvereye (tauhou)

M. styphelioides has a spongy peeling bark, prickly leaves and gorgeous creamy white flowers. Trees will grow up to 20 meters forming a rounded canopy with drooping branchlets. Flowering occurs in summer. It is popular as a street tree in Sydney and Melbourne. Due to its deep rooting nature plants are able to handle a variety of conditions from swampy to hot and dry.

  • Ht: 20 meters
  • Evergreen
  • Hardy to wet and dry
  • Pb 5