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Cistus x argenteus ‘Silver Pink’


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Pink rockrose

Beautiful mounds of silvery green foliage all year round. Pale pink flowers smother the plant in Summer. Very drought tolerant in free draining soils. Ht: 75 cm.

1.25 ltr pot

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Common Name: Pink rock rose.

Cistus are native to the dry rocky areas of the Mediterranean. A good indicator of their toughness, as long as the soil is free-draining. A plant that thrives on neglect while still looking beautiful.

Some of the taller varieties will benefit from a prune but otherwise maintain good form with little maintenance if in full sun. Ideal plants for rock gardens, gravel gardens, and stony soils. All Cistus are evergreen.

C. argenteus silver pink has rounded mounds of silvery green foliage all year round. One of the toughest plants we grow as long as the soil is free draining. Bushes are smothered with the soft pale pink single flowers from late Spring through Summer. It will occasionally get a second flush of flowers in Autumn. Plants rarely need pruning, maintaining their lovely bushy appearance all year round. Very drought and wind tolerant.

  • Ht: 75 cm
  • Free draining soil
  • Drought and wind tolerant
  • Full Sun
  • 1.25 ltr pot