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Helenium ‘Waltraut’


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Helenium ‘Waltraut’ – Gorgeous splashes of colour for this long flowering and hardy perennial. A bee and butterfly magnet. Thrives in free draining soil with low fertility. 120 cm x 60 cm

9 cm pot

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Common Name: Sneeze weed

A stunner for the sunny summer / autumn border. Definitely a favourite. The petals on these large daisy flowers are splashed with various shades of orange – Reminding me of a Van Gogh painting.

From late winter through spring the plants form a mound of tidy fresh green leaves. Plants send up tall flower stalks from the end of November. Buds start a rusty orange / red before the flowers open with their stunning range of colour. Flowers over a long period through to autumn.

A magnet for all kinds of pollinators especially honey bees and native admiral butterflies.

Will thrive in free draining soils and low fertility.

  • Size: 120 cm x 60 cm
  • 9 cm pot
  • Full sun
  • Winter dormant