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Senna multiglandulosa


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buttercup bush, downy senna, glandular senna

A small tree or large shrub. Smothered with gorgeous yellow buttercup shaped flowers for several months from spring. A nitrogen fixer that mixes well with other plantings. Up to 4 meters but easily trained smaller.

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Common names: buttercup bush, downy senna, glandular senna

S. multiglandulosa is a small tree or large shrub native to parts of south America and a member of the Fabaceae family. Like many members of this family the leaves are pinnate, usually with 6-8 pairs of linear leaflets. The bright buttercup shaped flowers are usually in clusters of ten to twenty. The plant is covered in a profusion of these flowers over several months from early spring. Flowers are followed by long brown seed pods.

Plants can grow to 4 meters, but are easily trained as a much shorter and bushier plant. Plants are nitrogen fixing and grow well in mixed plantings. Hardy in average soil but prefer shelter from hard frost and strong winds.

  • Ht: 4 meters
  • Sun or light shade
  • protect from hard frosts
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