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Paulownia tomentosa – Princess tree


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Princess tree, Empress tree, foxglove-tree

Paulownia trees produce stunning large lilac blue flowers in spring followed by huge heart shaped leaves. Trees are deciduous growing 12-15 meters. Moderately tender till established. useful timber species.

  • Pb 12

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Common names: Princess tree, Empress tree, foxglove-tree

Please note: Paulownia trees can only be shipped in winter when they have dropped their leaves. This is because they are vulnerable to damage to their large leaves..

Paulownia tomentosa is a deciduous tree native to central and western China. The trees are very fast growing. Paulownia is a useful timber species producing strong durable but light weight timber. The timber is commonly used for making furniture, toys, plywood, musical instruments, housing construction, and packaging. Trees are easily coppiced and can naturally regrow from the roots even after fire.

The leaves are useful as animal fodder and bees love the large blue foxglove-like flowers in spring.

  • Ht: 12 – 15 meters
  • Full sun
  • Moderately tender till established
  • tolerant of dry, wet, and pollution
  • Shelter from strong wind
  • Pb 12