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Morus nigra – Black Mulberry


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Black Mulberry

Dark purple fruit are produced from late spring to early summer. Can grow to 12 meters, but easily trained as espalier or open vase shape. Delicious.

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Common name: Black Mulberry

Native to southwestern Asia, the black mulberry has been cultivated for so long that it’s natural range is unknown.

These are deciduous trees growing up to 12 meters. Trees are easily trained as espalier or to a small open vase shape, making it easier to net the fruit. The fruit of the black mulberry is a compound cluster of several small drupes that are dark purple. They have a rich flavour and produce a deep pink purple juice.

The black mulberry can be confused with black fruited plants of the white mulberry. Black mulberry may be distinguished from other species by the uniformly hairy lower surface of its leaves. New growth can be frosted and cause damage on young plants. fruit ripens from late spring to early summer.

  • 12 meters (easily trained)
  • Well drained fertile soil
  • full sun
  • Some protection when young
  • Pb 5