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Fraxinus ornus – Manna Ash


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Manna ash, Flowering ash

A beautiful small deciduous trees with panicles of creamy white flowers in late spring. Great bee tree. 8 – 12 meters.

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Common name: Manna Ash, South European flowering ash.

Fraxinus ornus is a medium sized deciduous tree with smooth dark grey bark and long pinnate leaves. The gorgeous panicles of creamy white flowers appear it late spring. The flowers are very attractive to bees. The time of flowering makes the Manna ash very useful, as the late spring period is often known to beekeepers as the “November dearth” – The time when many spring flowers have finished and bees are short of food to feed their growing broods.

  • Ht 8-12 meters
  • hardy and dry tolerant
  • Pb 8