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Cymbopogon citratus – Lemon grass


Lemon grass

A popular perennial herb for flavouring in many cuisines, such as in Thailand and Vietnam. It also makes a lovely tea. A tender perennial that can be grown in a pot or outside with protection. 1 x 1 meter.

  • 1 liter pot

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Common names: Lemon grass, West Indian lemongrass

Cymbopogon species are tall perennial grasses originating from Asia, Australia and India. They are popular for flavouring in many cuisines especially in Thailand and Vietnam. C. citratus is originally from Sri Lanka and the main species commonly grown. Plants can grow to 1 meter tall and nearly the same spread in the right conditions.

While native to tropical and subtropical regions, they can handle some cold temperate regions if given winter protection. They prefer full sun as long as they have adequate moisture. Allow plants to establish for at least 3 months before starting to harvest.

In our garden (Hawke’s Bay) I find they do well in the vegetable garden planted in late spring with plenty of compost. By mid summer stems can be harvested (they do freeze well) During late summer or early autumn plants can be dug up and potted to keep in a sheltered spot over winter. Plants can then be divided and replanted the next season. In warmer areas plants could be left in the ground and mulched well. good drainage is important.

  • 1 x 1 meter
  • Full sun
  • Good drainage
  • Tender perennial
  • 1 liter pot