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Corylus avellana- European hazelnut


European hazelnut, Common hazel, Hazelnut, Cobnut,

A very useful and long lived shrub or small tree. It produces tasty nuts, poles for building and fencing, and is great as a windbreak. up to 6 meters.

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Common name: Common hazel, Hazelnut, Cobnut, European hazelnut.

Native to Europe and western Asia Corylus avellana has been an important component of traditional hedgerows. The wood was traditionally grown as coppice, with poles cut for wattle-and-daub buildings, and agricultural fencing.

Modern hazelnut production is largely based on selections of Corylus avellana.

Corylus avellana can be grown as a large suckering bush or trained as a single leader (more common for nut production. They are wind hardy especially if allowed to sucker. Best pruned late winter to early spring before the leaves appear. trees are long lived and generally reach heights of 6 meters. Our trees are seed grown (ex Appleton’s nursery) from productive trees.

  • Ht: 6 meters
  • Wind hardy
  • Full sun- light shade
  • Fertile and well drained soils
  • Pb 12