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Abutilon – Red



Bee friendly plants



Abutilon – Indian mallow- are hardy evergreen plants. Gorgeous lantern flowers adorn these plants for months. Ht: 3 meters.

  • 1.25 ltr pot

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common names: Indian mallow, Chinese lantern, Flowering maple.

Abutilon are most commonly grown as hardy flowering and evergreen shrubs, though there are also some ground cover species. The shrubs are covered in large deep green maple shaped leaves. The gorgeous hanging lantern like flowers are often seen on the plants all year round.

Plants are hardy. They will grow in full sun as long as there is moisture. In gardens with hot dry summers – such as Hawke’s bay- we recommend light shade or at least protection from hot afternoon sun. bees and Nectar eating birds enjoy the flowers.

This red flowered form will grow to 3 meters. Plants benefit from pruning in spring, otherwise they tend to go leggy.

  • Ht: 3 meters
  • Sun – part shade
  • Fertile and free draining soil
  • 1.25 ltr pot