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Eryngium planum


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blue eryngo, flat sea holly

Metallic blue globe shaped flowers with metallic blue bracts. Very hardy in full sun. Very attractive to Bees and Butterflies. 90 cm in flower.

  • 9 cm pot

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Common names:  blue eryngo, flat sea holly

Native to central and southeastern Europe, and central Asia, the sea holly’s are herbaceous perennials. Plants have thistle like multi branched flower heads, usually surrounded by spiky bracts in the summer. Stems are usually silvery or even white. All species of Eryngium are very attractive to pollinators, particularly Bumblebees. All species have strong upright flower and stems that look attractive long after the flowers have faded.

The flowers of Eryngium planum are globe shaped. The metallic blue bracts retain their colour for a long time even after the flowers have faded. Flower stalks reach 60-90 cm. Flowers are useful as cut or dried flowers. Plants are tolerant of a wide range of conditions as long as they are in full sun and have good drainage.

  • 90 cm in flower (leaves a basal rosette)
  • hardy
  • full sun
  • good drainage and poor soils preferred
  • drought tolerant once established
  • 9 cm pot