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Chionochloa rubra -red tussock grass


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red tussock grass

One of 22 Chionochloa species endemic to NZ. A clean sleek tussock up to 1.2 meters in fertile soils. Lovely rusty bronze foliage with tints of green.

  • 1 liter pot

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Common name: red tussock grass

New-Zealand has 22 species of endemic Chionochloa. C. rubra has the distinction of a long living span which means there is rarely any dead foliage around the plant. This gives the plant a clean sleek vertical look. This species prefers rich moist soils. Plants in ideal conditions can grow to 1.2 meters with the arching seed heads reaching even taller. In drier habitats plants are unlikely to get over 90 cm. Leaf colour varies from tawny greenish tone to a more dominant rusty bronze red.

  • 1.2 x .50 meters
  • Sun to part shade
  • Moist fertile and well drained soils
  • Tolerant of some dry and heavy soils but may not grow as tall
  • 1 liter pot