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Alpine strawberry- Fragaria vesca


Bee friendly plants


Alpine strawberry, wild strawberry

Sweet and tasty red fruit for a shady spot. Great fro naturalizing under your fruit trees.

  • 9 cm pot

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Common names: Alpine strawberry, wild strawberry, woodland strawberry. Syn: Potentilla vesca

Alpine strawberry is a low growing creeping perennial. plants have traditionally been used for their medicinal properties as well as their edible fruits. Alpine strawberries grow naturally in much of the Northern hemisphere on the edge of forests, shady banks or forest clearings.

Plants have gorgeous white flowers that are attractive to pollinators followed by small oval sweet and tasty red fruit. Flowering starts in early spring. Fruits and flowers continue through spring, summer and into autumn. Plants naturalize  well in lightly shaded places that are well mulched. Plants spread by runners.

  • Ground cover
  • Shade
  • Fertile well mulched soils
  • 9 cm pot