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Geum chiloense ‘Mrs Bradshaw’


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Very hardy evergreen perennials. Tall wiry stems with semi-double bright orange/red flowers.

  • 9 cm pot

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Geum is a genus of about 50 species of herbaceous perennials in the rose family. Plants form a basal rosette of quite large leaves. They produce their flowers on tall wiry stems held above the leaves. Plants are evergreen in all but extreme cold ( – 18 c )

” Mrs Bradshaw” is a cultivar that has gained the Royal Horticultural society’s Award of Garden Merit. The clump of leaves can grow to 60 – 75 cm tall and 30 – 45 cm wide. The wiry flower stems can grow up to 1 meter. flowers are semi-double and bright orange / red. Summer flowering.

  • Ht: 75 x 45 cm (leaves)
  • Full sun or light shade
  • Hardy
  • Good drainage and moderate fertility
  • 9 cm pot